Aeration, scarification and lawn feeds

We offer a bespoke lawn improvement service to ensure healthy growth, depth of colour, and to rid your lawn of weeds and moss, giving your facility, home or business a healthier, greener appearance.

Lawn care


Is your lawn looking less than its best, but you don’t have the time or know-how to turn it into the lush green one you dream of? At Handy Bees Gardening, we are lawn care specialists! Using the right products, we can kill the weeds and control the moss to achieve a lawn you can be proud of. Why not give us a call? We’ll come and take a look and advise you on the best type of lawn care that’s required to get it looking healthy again.

Allows more air and water into the roots


Like most living things, grass requires air to survive and develop naturally. Aeration is the process of improving a lawn’s ability to obtain air through its root system, allowing the grass to grow naturally and healthily without the interference of lawn-related diseases.

A lawn shouldn’t be aerated too often, however. As a common rule, the professionals at Handy Bees Gardening, suggest that the process should be carried out somewhere between once a year and once every three years. However, as all lawns are generally unique in their growing habits, we recommend you to speak with us, and we will advise based on your own situation.

process to remove moss and thatch


Scarification is the mechanical process of removing surface thatch from the lawn. Thatch is made up of a growing layer of dead organic matter and tends to prevent air, water and nutrients from reaching the soil and grass roots. If this process is left to occur, moss can begin to grow and eventually spread across the lawn.

At Handy Bees Gardening, we conduct scarification to remove any unwanted moss and thatch which is destroying not only the look, but the condition of your lawn.

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